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  • Heís the aapnu Gujarati, a common man, grounded firmly to his roots, one who has been responsible for tilting and driving opinions, and the opinionated.

  • Hiten runs two organizations namely, Brand Aid and Neeti Systems & Technologies. Discover a host of opportunities that Brand Aid and Neeti offer; establish a communication program within and outside your organization.

  • Change the way you have been talking to your clients, address an issue, be seen and be heard. Itís all about what you communicate, how you communicate and to whom you communicate. Here are a few examples of some rather successful campaigns that have been eye-openers to the industry.

  • Having crossed over various genres of communications, let us hear what the media has to say about this man dedicated to the purpose of aiding brands.

  • To get Refreshed, read some more of Hitenís writings.

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